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    Fernando Sanz Velasco
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Welcome to my personal webpage! My name is Fernando, but you can call me Fer. I was born in Valladolid, Spain during the Barcelona '92 Olympic Games.

My interest in technology and programming began at a young age when I had to learn MS-DOS commands to run the videogame 'Hocus Pocus'. In 1998, I received a Nintendo 64 with MarioKart64 and F-1 World Grand Prix, which sparked my love for motor racing. Years later, for my birthday, I received a GameBoy Color with Pokémon Yellow Edition.

I have always been curious about how operating systems function and how video games can be programmed and run within a cartridge.

Currently, I work as an Android application developer, but I am eager to learn about other technologies and languages.

My Resume

  • Work Experience

  • Android Developer

    June 2022 - Current

    Autoclub Mutua Madrileña SL / ElParking.

  • Android Developer

    July 2021 - June 2022

    OwnCloud GmbH.

  • Android Developer

    May 2020 - Jun 2022

    SolidGear SL / IZERTIS.

  • Android Developer

    September 2019 - January 2020


  • Android Developer

    September 2017 - September 2019

    Five Flames Mobile.

  • Education

  • HNC Multi-Platform Application Development

    September 2012 - June 2015

    Gregorio Fernández's Study Centre.

  • Certificates

  • Architect Coders

    August 2023

    DevExpert.io - Android & Kotlin Training

  • SMPC® - Scrum Master Professional Certified

    March 2022

    EIGP, Escuela Internacional de Gestión de Proyectos

  • To-Do App & Clean Architecture -Android Development - Kotlin

    December 2020

    Udemy's Platform

  • Advanced Android Kotlin Course - MVVM as recommended by Android

    February 2020

    Udemy's Platform

  • Git + GitHub: A whole version control system from scratch.

    January 2020

    Udemy's Platform

  • Master Android Firebase Programming (Learn with 2D Games)

    January 2020

    Udemy's Platform

My Services

App Development

I have experience working with Android, but I am open to learning new languages and platforms, such as Swift for iOS or Kotlin Multiplatform.

Web Development

Although I work in the mobile sector, I am open to learning and training for backend or frontend development.


I am open to expanding my skills in other disciplines, such as DevOps and Cybersecurity.



Latest LinkedIn Posts

If you want to learn more about my latest publications, I give talks to students, obtain new certificates, and share interesting news.

August 2023

Architect Coders Certification

I am pleased to inform you that I have earned a new certificate in Architect Coders from DevExpert.io - Android & Kotlin Training. I would like to express my gratitude to Antonio Leiva Gordillo...

April 2023

High School talk - Edition 2023

I have had the good fortune and opportunity to talk about my experience in the world of programming to second-year high school students. This year marks another opportunity to do so...

December 2022

Architecture Templates

Starting from a base template for our projects is a fantastic idea. However, we must pay close attention when configuring a project or modularizing it to avoid mistakes...

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